Our Vision: ‘To be the most responsible RMG operation in the country.’

Our Slogan: ‘Manufacture clothing responsibly.’

Our Values:

Customer’s Satisfaction: Its because of the customers, our business exists. So, customers are essentially at the top of ECL’s priority list.
Better Working Condition: Mere complying with the legal requirement isn’t our target. We maintain an overall healthy work environment
by modern HR practices, critical health and safety training, sophisticated production techniques acquainted with modern machinery and
ergonomically designed furniture.
Fair Treatment: ECL applies a fair and rational judgement to all employees, suppliers and communities considering only their real capacity
and performance irrespective of their gender, religion, cast and local identity.
Women Empowerment: Leadership development among our female workers is one of our primary objectives.
Care for environment: ‘Go green’ is not just a marketing tool for us. We truly care for our environment for our own survival.
Human Capital Management: ECL considers human resources as its most valuable asset and so we constantly nurture and develop the
people to perform at their highest potential.